Our producers collaborate with our clients on concepts, creative and vision of the project, then challenge the status quo by pushing our production team to the extreme, to create the best fan experiences.


Our Creative Directors synthesize our clients vision, strategy, message and brand identity into conceptual and programmatic designs for the best fan experiences!

Production Design

Our Production Designers colloborate in the creative process and craft the physical overall look of the project in coordination with our technical team for a totally integrated design.

Production Management

Our Production Management team is the key to success, keeping us on schedule, on budget, informed, and in constant communication on changes.


Our award winning Television and Show Directors bring our events to life, choreographing the creative vision with technical teams skills into a authentic, real-time, in the moment fan experience.

Technical Direction

Our technical experience is second to none, and our Technical Producers are engaged from the inception of the project so we know what will work and how much it effects budget from the start.

Execute the Plan!

After our Producers, Creative Directors, Production Designers, Production Designers, and Directors create the plan for success our team brings that plan into reality.


Broadcast Services

Broadcast Technical Management, OB Fly Packs, Remote Broadcasting

After producing television shows from all over the world and having to deal with local providers we created our own global teams and even built our own Fly Pack systems to facilitate our needs and get the desired outcome our clients desired.
Please view our dedicated Broadcast Services pages for more details.



Lighting, Audio, Video and Scenic

For over thirty years, our team has been designing and building some of the largest events in the world. The key to our successes in teamwork and the high level of detailed planning. Our drawing packages are a marvel for most people to look at since we are one of the few companies who integrate all of our build drawings into one package. This allows us to layer or rigging plans, integrated technology into the scenic elements, create automation moves and many more creative applications without creating conflicts onsite.

Professional camera man at work

Video Content Acquisition and Post Production

Broadcast Packages, Commercials, Gaming, Action Sports, Music and more..

Our work includes live and digital events, brand marketing campaigns, scripted and non-scripted entertainment, commercials, and feature films. We budget, scout locations, storyboard, cast, schedule, pre-visualize, obtain permits, insure, and we also carry the latest production equipment in-house.

Technology background

Graphics and VFX

Broadcast Graphics Packages, VFX, Color Grading to Keynote Presentations and Event Signage

Every project needs graphics and over many years we have acquired the team along with several partners to create whatever is needed for our projects, big or small.

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