The Situation

The questions where just the starting point...

Our clients questions got our imagination going on what could we do to resolve these questions and more. What could we do differently to make the broadcast production more efficient. What other enhancements could we create to make a better audience experience.

As the old English proverb goes, necessity is the mother of invention!


The Scope

Nothing like a little scope creep, that keeps it fun...

Remote Broadcasting and REMI feeds had been around for a while and the technology was emerging, but it was not built to do the scale and scope of what we wanted. Our solution required a minimum of 22 feeds from the remote location, 9 back haul feeds, 4 bi-directional MADI streams, 48 intercom trunking lines, and 2 GB Ethernet lines.

The system had to be 1080P capable and because some of the feeds where video game content the color space and compression techniques had to exceed broadcast standards.

steve and fibre

The Solution

We believe in talent to task and best of breed...

Our solution required parts from Evertz, Lawo, Juniper, and some very special hardware we had to create to give us the ability to transmit all the data needed to complete our mission.

We also chose against using IP for the long haul fiber connections and went with SONET OC192 connections which were less likely to be interrupted or oversubscribed.

creative background

The Result

Under promise and over deliver...

All of the questions proposed to us we exceeded those goals and then some. The real cost savings was noticed in the lack of need in building out entire studios globally and only have one complete studio and multiple front end only studios. The ROI on the capital expenses is literally doubled.

The real value additions where realized at the human resources level in keeping a consistent team on all shows globally, which translated in better brand control and better employee utilization. The other value add was having a complete graphics and tape department that did not have to move or be in multiple locations. This save a lot of money in travel and a lot of headaches on asset management and procurement of the hardware in places it did not exist.

We successfully operated this system from the Los Angeles studio connecting to shows in; Berlin, Cologne, Singapore, Seoul, Taipei, Stockholm, Paris, London, Brussels, and more. The most interesting statistics where; our highest latency was 130ms from Singapore, and our highest number of camera feeds from a single location was 43.

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