High End Design

Our High End HD Fly Pack is available in Asia, Europe and can be flown anywhere in the world in 72 hours and be operational in 6 hours.


* Up to 24 Camera Systems
* Cable sets for Ikegami, Sony and Grass Valley CCU's
* Fujinon and Cannon Lenses


* Lawo MC 56 MKII Audio Console
* Genelec and Dynacord Audio Monitors
* T.C. Electronics 6000 System
* T.C. Electronics DB6 Limiters
* Riedel Artist Intercom System
* 128 x 128 Matrix
* 6 Duplex Radio Interfaces and 40 Radios


* Snell Kahuna Videomixer
* 96 Inputs, 30 Outputs
* 6 M/E, DVE, 10 Stores, Format Fusion
* Color Correction, Legalizer
* Second Visionmixer panel for additional feed
* Snell 830 Hybrid Router
* Redundant VSM control system
* AXON 128 input, 32 output multiviewer


We have (4) Stageboxes in the kit and each has:
* 8 x 8 Video Routing
* 4 Riedel Ports
* 2 RS486 Interfaces
* WiFi Access Point
* 1Gb Ethernet


* Built in UPS with 25 minutes autonomy
* 49 Cases and 9.2 tons

Quality is our first priority

After producing so many events around the globe and not being able to procure the equipment we needed, we decided to build our own fly pack kit. After a year of identifying all our needs and figuring out what we could do to cut down load in and load out times as well as travel with less crew this system is better than most OB Vans around the world.

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