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Our CADD Process

It is all about the details, knowing before you load in...

When we are producing events in foreign countries like this project in Shanghai China, this is when you learn just how good your technical documentation has to be. Not only is there a language barrier, there are totally different ways to construct the project and when you cannot have staff onsite for two months to supervise the build we have to create a way to make sure these elements are delivered as expected.

In 1992 we created a standardized file management system which allows every department contribute their CADD files and this allows our team to see what each department is doing and how each other's actions effect everyone else. This process is not just related to the drawing plates, but to the renders as well. Our entire design process is in 3D and can be rendered, or viewed at any time to see space conflicts or integration issues

In this example of our Shanghai project we can see the original design and the outcome in the before and after slider. This event had rigging tolerances of about 10cm so it was critical for us to understand how any changes affect the team. Inevitably, changes do happen; a bigger screen, the large thrust on the stage required us to move the set downstage, sightline study required us to elevate the offstage screens, and so on…

Even with the constant changes our process kept everyone aligned. All the departments where able view the changes real-time and our vendors in China could see renders and dimensions of what we wanted everything to look like, so they were able to build their way. At the same time, our client can see every change and how it affected their fan experience. In the end our load in was able to be accomplished in two days, without any onsite modifications.

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