Our Experiance

Our teams collective experience is second to none, which drives us to be innovators, mentors and leaders in everything we do

Our Brand

Our parent company was founded in 1987 with $100.00 and a computer and within two years it was a million dollar a year business consulting on integrating the latest technology into live events and television.

Our Team Experience

All of our leadership personnel have many years of experience and have worked on many events you may have heard of; The Olympic Games since 1984, FIFA World Cup, Academy Awards, The Grammys, E3, and so on. You name the epic event, we probably had someone on our team there and we all love what we do!

Our Innovation

As part of our nothing is impossible mantra, innovation is what drives us. Experience is the key to innovation as many new ideas still rely on elementary physics and knowledge of what has been done before. What makes us successful is imagination and collaboration and that's what makes the magic happen.

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